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Current Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Trainees

Dr. Chunli Yan (postdoctoral scholar) GBfhn7j7

Dr. Ashutosh Shandilya (postdoctoral scholar) GBfhn7j7

Kathleen Carter (Ph.D. candidate) Dean’s Fellowship Awardee GBfhn7j7

Thomas Dodd (Ph.D. candidate) MBD Fellowship Awardee   GBfhn7j7

Patrick Chepaitis (Ph.D. candidate)

Kurt Martin (Ph.D. candidate)

Zhenyu Wang (M.S. candidate) GBfhn7j7

Group Alumni

Dr. Buddhadev Maiti (former postdoctoral scholar)

Dr. Carlo Guardiani (former postdoctoral scholar) GBfhn7j7

Bradley Kossmann (Ph.D. degree 2017) MBD Fellowship Awardee GBfhn7j7

Xiaojun Xu  (Ph.D. degree awarded 05/2014) MBD Fellowship Awardee GBfhn7j7

Bernard Scott (M.S. degree awarded 08/2017) XSEDE Scholarship Awardee  GBfhn7j7

Stephanie Kofsky  (graduated with a M.S. degree)

Shih-Wei Chuo (graduated with a M.S. degree)

Yang Zhen  (graduated with M.S. degree)