New XSEDE Award

Ivaylo Ivanov receives a XSEDE award of computational time at the NICS to futher our research efforts on base excision repair. Our proposal entitled “Exploring the Chemical Landscape for Base Excision DNA Repair” was approved to receive 2,500,000 CPU hours under allocation CHE110042.

Announcements from the group

Chunli Yan is joining our group as a new postdoctoral scholar. She comes to us from the University of Texas, Austin. Welcome Chunli! Carlo Guardiani who was with us for a year as a postdoctoral scholar is moving back to Italy to assume a new position at the University of Florence. We all want to […]


Our renewal proposal through the DOE INCITE initiative was awarded 4,000,000 CPU hours at the leadership computing facility at ORNL. We are gratified that the award exceeded our original request by 400,000 units For more details about the award refer to the new DOE Office of Science.

INCITE Proposal

A renewal proposal for computational resources through the DOE INCITE initiative has been submitted (07/01/2009). In 2009 our research project entitled “Interplay of AAA+ molecular machines, DNA repair enzymes and sliding clamps at the replication fork: A multiscale approach to modeling replisome assembly and function” was competitively chosen to receive 2,600,000 CPU hours of supercomputing […]