Congratulations to Chunli Yan, Tom Dodd and Jina Yu who are co-authors on a just accepted paper in the journal Nature Communications. The paper is entitled “Mechanism of Rad26-assisted rescue of stalled RNA polymerase II in transcription-coupled repair.” Our integrative modeling study elucidates the mechanism by which Cockayne Syndrome B protein (CSB) binds to lesion-arrested RNA Polymerase […]


Congratulation to Chunli Yan and Tom Dodd who published a new paper in the journal Nature Structural & Molecular Biology on the molecular architecture and functional dynamics of the transcription preinitiation complex (PIC). Yan, C.; Dodd, T.; Tainer, J.A.; He, Y.; Tsutakawa, S.E.; & Ivanov, I.* Transcription preinitiation complex structure and dynamics provide insight into genetic diseases Nature Structural […]

New Paper in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA

Congratulation to Tom Dodd, Chunli Yan, Kurt Martin and Brad Kossmann who published a new paper in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA.  Dodd, T.; Yan, C.; Kossmann, B.R.; Martin, K.; & Ivanov I. Uncovering universal rules governing the selectivity of the archetypal DNA glycosylase TDG Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA (2018) doi:10.1073/pnas.1803323115 […]

Visit to Berkeley National Lab

Ivaylo visited Lawrence Berkeley National Lab in Feb. 2018 and gave a talk “DNA sculpting as a strategy for base extrusion and damage selection by the repair glycosylase TDG” at the Advanced Light Source synchrotron facility.

New paper in PLOS Computational Biology

Our paper ‘Alkylpurine Glycosylase D Employs DNA Sculpting as a Strategy to Extrude and Excise Damaged Bases’ was published in PLOS Computational Biology. We employed chain-of-replicas path optimization strategy to determine a minimum energy path (MEP) for flipping out a 3-methyl adenine lesion by the DNA glycosylase AlkD. The path showed that AlkD acts by […]